Stepfamily Day kicks off on September 16th

Celebrate the entire week with your family!

September 16-22 Celebrating the whole week!


​​National Stepfamily Day 

About the Founder

One of our nations leading advocate
Founder: Christy Tusing-Borgeld                                                                                 

The National Stepfamily Day and Week 1997-Present

The National Stepfamily Resource Center (NSRC) 2006- Present
Board Member – Stepfamily Activities
Stepfamily Expert Council
(NSRC) is a division of Auburn University's Center for Children, Youth, and Families
My primary interest is helping to provide good resources and information to stepfamilies throughout the United States. I have been promoting Stepfamily Day and a Stepfamily Day picnic that will include stepfamily members all over the country.
Develops and maintains relationships with government on the federal, state and local levels as well as other professional groups for joint endeavors related to stepfamilies.

The Enlightened Stepfamily Groups (World Wide Support Groups) 2009-Present
Stepfamily Systems (California) 2009-Present
Coordinator of Stepfamily Activities, Stepfamily Association of America.
Director of Public Affairs, Stepfamily Foundation. 1997-1998
National Stepfamily Day 1997-Present: Designed, developed and implemented a campaign, nation-wide, to proclaim September 16 Stepfamily Day. 
Written Articles: on Stepfamily issues have been published in various newsletters, newspapers, and magazine.
Stepfamily Thoughts January 2011
I Think We're Okay November 2009
The Path I took to help my Stepfamily October 2006
Grandparents & Stepchildren June 2006
Creating a Beautiful Stepfamily March 2005
Sharing the Holidays June 2004
Making Peace for My Stepfamily April 2003
It took Me a Long Time to get Here September 2002
It’s all in my Mind November 2001
What was I thinking? March 2000
What the New Millennium will bring for Stepfamilies January 2000 .
My Dedication to the American Stepfamilies July 1999
Presidents & Stepfamilies November 1998
American Stepfamilies September 1998
Discipline Vs Punishment June 1998
Feathers on our Turkey Our Family Tradition November 1997
A Dedication to the American Stepfamilies September 1997 
10 White Flag Solutions July 1997
Book 2010: Thoughts Within
Media Interviews Include: 
Oprah Radio with Dr. Laura Berman, The Grand Rapids Press, Detroit Free Press, New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Grand Rapids Parent Magazine, Bride Again. Appeared and worked on commercials for Stepfamily Day (FOX), Blending a Stepfamily segment (NBC), Stepfamily Day Proclamation segment (NBC), Radio Interviews about Stepfamily Day (WOOD), National Stepfamily Day Picnic (PBS). NHK Japan Broadcasting Network on a Documentary about American Stepfamilies. This will be aired in all of Asia in October.
National Stepfamily Day Picnic: Organizing a National Stepfamily Day picnic: United States, Canada, and United Kingdom