Stepfamily Day kicks off on September 16th

Celebrate the entire week with your family!

September 16-22 Celebrating the whole week!


​​National Stepfamily Day 

About the Founder

One of our nations leading advocate
Founder: Christy Tusing-Borgeld   Part II

Request Honored: Christy’s ideals have been incorporated at the White House. She requested President Clinton, President Bush, and President Obama to revise the language on the Mothers and Fathers’ Day proclamations to reflect all mothers and fathers, whether biological, adopted, foster, or step. All three Presidents have honored her request. President Clinton and President Obama sent her signed copies of these proclamations

Published Song Writer (Broadcast Music Incorporated--BMI):
•Traveled Journey (2010)
•My Special Family Tree (2010)

School Unity Week: Worked with Michigan's Governor Engler on a proclamation for School Unity Week, Third week in October. This proclamation is dedicated to Family, School, Community, all working together for the education of our children.

Charity Work:
St. Jude Children’s Hospital- “Putt Putt for Life”
Ronald McDonald House
Knights of Columbus “Tootsie Roll Drive” for the emotionally impaired

Awards and Recognitions:

 International Women's Day Award March 8, 2011
 "Outstanding Service Award"

Stepfamily Day was placed in the United States Congressional Records September 13, 2000
Archive: gov/us/fed/congress/record/ 2000/sep/13/2000CRE1476B [Congressional Record: September 13, 2000 (Extensions)] [Page E1476] From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access [] [DOCID:cr13se00-99]
Congressional Award in collaboration with Parenting Coalition International. "Parenting Emmys," Award received in Washington D.C., Russell Senate Building on National Parents Day, July 26, 1999. The award reads: Lighting the Way to the New Millennium-National Parents Day 1999-PCI Award.
Certificate of Congressional Recognition from United States Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, September 16, 2010, the award reads, “To Christy Borgeld, National Stepfamily Day Foundation, for sponsoring a special day to recognize and support Stepfamilies in Michigan and throughout the nation.”

Received a personal letter from President Gerald R. Ford, a President who was raised in a Stepfamily and also raised in Christy’s hometown. He extends a warm gratitude to Christy for all of her admirable efforts and hard work for Stepfamilies in Michigan and all across our wonderful nation.

Presidential Commemorative Greetings:
President George W. Bush
President Gerald R. Ford
President William J. Clinton

Governor Ronnie Musgrove of Mississippi: Christy Borgeld Founder of Stepfamily Day - For your efforts and initiatives, I commend with this Certificate of Appreciation your commitment to those involved in a stepfamily. (2001)

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