Stepfamily Day kicks off on September 16th

Celebrate the entire week with your family!

September 16-22 Celebrating the whole week!


​​National Stepfamily Day 

Governor Don Sundquist of Tennessee: On behalf of the great State of Tennessee, it is an honor for me to congratulate you for the work that you have done for the Stepfamily Association of America. Your tireless dedication is to be commended. Because of your efforts, September 16th is now nationally recognized as Stepfamily Day. Strong families are the backbone of this country, and I salute your continued service in recognizing families of all kinds. Again, I thank you for your time, effort, and citizenship, Christy. May the best of the future be yours. (2001)

Governor Lincoln Almond of Rhode Island: The Governor of the State of Rhode Island extends his greetings and Best Wishes to Christy Borgeld in Recognition of: Your dedicated and Committed Service to Uniting Family through your conception and support of Stepfamily Day. (2001)

Governor Argeo Paul Cellucci of Massachusetts: To Christy Borgeld in recognitions of your outstanding and dedicated efforts in promoting education, awareness and support for stepfamilies in the commonwealth which is deserving of recognition by all the citizens of Massachusetts. (2001)

Governor Jane Hull of Arizona: With Special Recognition. Be it hereby know to all that I, Jane Dee Hull, Governor of the State of Arizona, do hereby offer my sincere congratulations to Christy Borgeld-Founder of Stepfamily Day. You have demonstrated a level of commitment and accomplishment that is truly extraordinary in today's world, and deserves our sincere admiration and respect. Your actions show that we can and do play important roles in our communities, and that America's community spirit continues to hold tremendous promise for the future. (2000)

Governor Jim Hodges of South Carolina: Rachel and I are pleased to learn of your work to bring support and recognition to the stepfamilies and children of our nation. Our families are our most valuable asset and we must do all that we can to ensure that their future is bright. Your efforts to promote public awareness of the importance of unity between families, schools, and communities are to be commended. Your volunteerism benefits not only your community, but the entire nation by inspiring others to become involved in their own communities. Not only have you worked to improve the lives of the less fortunate in Jonesboro, you have also dedicated yourself to improving the lives of our young people by encouraging them and their families to set high personal and academic standards. Your selflessness and generosity serve as an inspiration as we seek to make a difference in the lives of other. Please accept my best wishes for continued success. Please let me know if I can ever be of help to you in any way.(1999)

Governor Tony Knowles of Alaska: In recognition of your dedicated projects of Stepfamily Day have benefited and touched the lives of many. Thank You for being a role model to not only our children, but to people of all ages and walks of life. (1999)

Governor Argeo Cellucci of Massachusetts: In recognition of your dedicated services to the nation through your advocacy of stepfamily Day which is deserving of recognition by all the citizens of Massachusetts. (1999)

Governor Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin: In recognition of her many contributions. It's an honor to comment Christy for her warm-hearted contributions which have helped many throughout our great state and nation. Her caring efforts on behalf of children are greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. She is an exemplary citizen and sets a shining example for others to follow. (1999)
Governor Parris Glending of Maryland: In recognition of your outstanding efforts to increase public awareness of the need for understanding and unity within the family and as an expression of our great respect, gratitude and sincere best wishes for continued success in all your future endeavors. (1999)

Governor Lincoln Almond of Rhode Island: In recognition of Razing Awareness of Stepfamily Issues. (1998)

Governor Bill Graves of Kansas: In recognition of outstanding performance and exceptional contributions to the State of Kansas. (1998)

Governor Argeo Paul Cellucci of Massachusetts: In recognition of dedication to promote National Stepfamily Day in the United States. (1998)

Personal: While I was raised in a nuclear family, I now live in a stepfamily. My husband had two children and I had four children. We now have one child together. Grandmother to 13 beautiful grandchildren. My hobbies include crafting, movies, baking, scrapbooking, walking. swimming and writing.