September 16-22 Celebrating the whole week!


​​National Stepfamily Day 

Picnic & Activities


Here are some suggestions from National Stepfamily Day picnic's in the past.

  • Have a community park picnic
  • Get donations from the community for door prizes
  • Have a stepfamily day backyard picnic
  • Church picnic
  • Company picnic
  • Invite old friends
  • Pig Roast
  • Clam bake
  • Go out to eat with your family
  • Invite neighbors
  • Street picnic (The city can issue you a permit to do this)
  • Pot-luck
  • Have a double Stepfamily Day/Family Reunion Picnic
  • Caterer a Picnic
  • Have a Bon-Fire Picnic
  • Red & White Checkered Blanket Picnic
  • Bag Lunch Picnic
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Picnic
  • Celebrate with your "Nationality Food" picnic​


Other ways to celebrate National Stepfamily Day and Week or  making new family traditions that bond your family. Here a few suggestions:

  • Have a family portrait taken
  • Dinner and a Movie
  • Make a “Blending of the Sand Bottle” Buy a long and narrow bottle. Buy small packages of colored sand. ( you can buy the bottle and sand and local craft stores) Have each member of the family pick a different color. Then layer by layer have each member pour their colored sand in the bottle. The bottle represents one united family.
  • Game Night (play cards or your favorite board games)
  • Make a Photo Scrapbook. Have each member make their page.
  • Go to the zoo, library, museum, or art museum.
  •  Do a family activity like fishing, back yard camping, hiking, flash-light hiking (hiking at night) biking, miniature golf, softball, volleyball, horseback riding, bowling, or go for a long walk.
  • Make a dinner that consist of everyone’s favorite foods and make this dinner every year for National Stepfamily Day. Set the table like a 4 star restaurant.
  •   For Stepfamily members who live far away, write them a postcard or an email.
  • Make homemade ice cream or go out for ice cream
  • Make “smores” in the fireplace or outdoors.
  • Plant an indoor garden and watch it grow. Or plant fall bulbs. Start a Family cookbook. Write personal notes after each recipe about the individual family member's favorite foods.
  • Start a Family cookbook. Write personal notes after each recipe about the individual family member's favorite foods.
  • International night. Celebrate your family heritages by eating the traditional heritage foods. Tell your children about your heritage.
  • Take the family to a “family fun spot” in your town.
  • Take a road trip. Fill the car with gas, pack some sandwiches and drinks in the cooler and go for a drive. Sing songs or play car bingo.
  • Plan a Family Room Slumber party. Don’t forget the movies and popcorn!
  • Family “Get A Way” Night. Take the family to a nice hotel and go swimming and enjoy some time away from home.
  • If your family is having some difficulties, (As every family can have) take this day as a time to try to reach out. Write letters to each other on how you would like to see things turn around.
  • Craft Together. Make T-shirts with fabric paints. Buy a Table cloth and with permanent marker have everyone sign the table cloth along with a “positive message” about why I love my family.

Stepfamily Day kicks off on September 16th

Celebrate the entire week with your family!