Stepfamily Day kicks off on September 16th

Celebrate the entire week with your family!

​​National Stepfamily Day 

September 16-22 Celebrating the whole week!


Q. What is a Stepfamily?


A family in which one or both of the adult partners bring children from a previous relationship.


  • Siblings - biologically related; from the same parents.
  • Stepsiblings - not biologically related; parents are married to each other.
  • Half-siblings - partially related biologically (i.e., share one parent).
  • Mutual child - a child born to the remarried couple.
  • Residential stepchildren - live in the household with the remarried couple the majority of the time.
  • Nonresidential stepchildren - live in the household less than half of the time.

A STEPFAMILY HOUSEHOLD: A stepfamily is formed when a parent marries a person who is not their child's other biological parent. People can be members of a stepfamily and not live all of the time in the stepfamily household. For instance, when both of a child's parents remarry, the child becomes a member of two stepfamilies - a stepfamily in the mother's new household and a stepfamily in the father's new household.

Unfortunately, the Census Bureau does not recognize that the child can be a member of two stepfamilies. The Census Bureau only counts the household where the child lives most of the time.

Since divorce courts still typically decide that mom will become the primary custodial parent, you can see that our stepfamily statistics usually only count biological mom and stepdad households (also known as Stepfather Households). Our statistics do not include the biological father and stepmother household even when the child spends a lot of time with them.

Of course, the reverse is true if a divorced custodial dad marries again. In this case, the children primarily live with dad and stepmom so the statistics will include their household (also known as Stepmother Households) and the child's mother and stepfather's household would not be counted in the stepfamily statistics.

This Census Bureau's method of counting stepfamilies doesn't make much sense at a time when our country is putting so much emphasis on the continued involvement (emotionally, financially, and day-to-day activities) of both biological parents in a child's life."